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Do you need a financial friend and partner to sort you out in the middle of the month?

Talk to today and get an instant loan to take you through the month

Even the most financially organized people find themselves in a financial rut for one reason or the other in the middle of the month. This needs not to be your story any more, at we have made it easy for you to secure a loan with us for that needed emergency in the middle of the month.

Get an all purpose loan with us today

Unlike other financial institutions, we do not discriminate your credit history or question you regarding the intended purpose of the loan, our systems are designed in such a way that we can custom make loan products with a very flexible repayment plan.

You will be amazed at how much you qualify for

Based on a few factors, you may not only qualify for 50% of your cars current value but you may even home with 70% of your cars worth.

You will be amazed at how much you qualify for

We have made it easy and quite attainable to attain a log book loan with

Once you know your maximum loan limit and submit an application, our field representatives will be with you to inspect a car and in just a matter of minutes your loan will safely be deposited in your account.

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Why we are cut out from the rest…. has been approved by the London log book loans board. With this prestigious accreditation we have moved through ranks to be considered as the best logbook loan providers in the country

Our expeditious addling of loan application process is unmatched and we deliver the much needed loan in just minutes.

We pride ourselves with long standing highly qualified and friendly staff who go beyond delivering the bare minimal and ensure that you are well equipped the financial information you need to reach your goals

Our growing client base interact with us and give us suggestions on how we can package our loan products so you can be sure that we will listen to you.

Why we do not abide by the rule book

While every financial institution will turn you away because of a bad credit history, we welcome you with open arms as we believe in second chances.

With the financial global crisis, it may be hard to stand on your own two feet and we understand this perfectly well. That is why we also give self employed people an opportunity to get not only a lending hand but a financial partner that gets to see you grow.

Those who have been listed as bankrupt can come to us and will be sure that we will not turn them away. We will walk with them till they manage to redeem their financial image.

Those who are also employed can rest assured of our confidentiality as we do not seek your employer to approve your loan when you come to us.


The history of can be traced back to when it was established in 1997. The main aim was to provide short term financing to individuals but after assessing the needs of other clients who required the loan but did not have the capacity given their credit history, the institution opened its doors to such individuals and has since then expanded and specialized to offering logbook loans.


It was a relief and total peace of mind when I stumbled on I had a free consultation with the loan experts and financial advisors who helped to turn my financial situation around -Maggie Edwards

It was a nightmare walking from one financial institution to another as I was being rejected since I am self employed. It was a sigh of relief being welcomed with open arms at and being a facility that helped me expand my business -Peter Brubeck


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